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Welcome to our Food Safety Course

Foodborne illness can have deadly consequences both for clients and for restaurant/food premises reputation. This course is about learning how to prevent foodborne illnesses. You can access this course online any day, any time of the day for a lifetime.

Who is it for?

  • Food handlers will educate themselves on the proper way to handle food form receiving it to serving it to the clients.
  • Restaurant owners can make sure that their staff is up to date with food safety; they will also find useful tools (cheat sheets, quizzes, and a printable handbook).
  • Anyone interested in knowing more about food safety and on how to prevent foodborne illnesses.

By the end of this 100% online course, the students will know:

  • What is food safety and, why it vital to adopt proper food safety practices both of the clients’ and the restaurant’s sake?
  • How to handle complaints from clients regarding food poisoning and allergies
  • Guidelines on how to clean and disinfect a professional kitchen and equipment.
  • Proper food receiving and storing practice.
  • The proper temperatures to keep various foods safe for transportation and consumption.
  • What to do to adopt proper personal hygiene.

Course description:

  • 18 lessons divided into 67 topics
  • 6 videos
  • An 81-page handbook
  • 17 cheat-sheets or tools
  • Optional Quizzes – The quizzes are short and provide immediate feedback so that you have the chance to assess your performance and reflect on your mistakes
  • Certificate of Completion – Once all the quizzes of the course have been submitted, a Certificate of Completion to the course is automatically generated, given that you scored at least 70% in each quiz

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