We Believe That Professional Education In Culinary Arts And Restaurant Management Should Be Available To All.


That’s Why we are Offering Affordable World Class Culinary Education and Restaurant Management Courses Taught by a Professional French Chef Instructor and Restaurant Consultant and his Partners.


To give food industry workers and management, the tools and education that will help them improve their work, career, or business.

Who is Behind OCS?

Chef Eric Arrouzé

Hello, I am Chef Eric
You may know me from my YouTube Channel or maybe did you find that page after a search on Google. After much debate, I have decided to reopen my online cooking school. Why reopen? Simply because I created my first online cooking school 15 years ago. It was even featured in the New York Times. Unfortunately, the technology was not what it is now and we had to close the project after a few months simply because video streaming was too expensive for the revenue.

I started publishing the videos on YouTube, so they were available for free. For a while, many of my YouTube Subscribers have been asking for more and now is the time. Give me a few weeks and the site will be up and running with videos, written material and quizzes.

I started cooking professionally when I was 15. I am 50. I let you do the math of my years of experience. I have been teaching both amateurs and professionals for 18 years. I am a restaurant consultant and help kitchen Managers and Executive Chefs to improve their profit through careful cost analysis and process set ups.

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